Have an Asbestos Roof that Needs Replacing?

The Countrywide Plumbing & Gas Fitting team can replace any type of asbestos roof such as but not limited to Super 6 Asbestos Roof, Corrugated Asbestos Roof or Shingle tile Asbestos Roof. The Countrywide Plumbing & Gas Fitting team has specialists tradesman in all types of structures whether they be a residential home, heritage home or building, high rise, industrial building or commercial building.

Countrywide Plumbing & Gas Fitting can supply and install any one of multiple types of roof sheeting profiles available to replace the old roof sheeting. Countrywide Plumbing & Gas Fitting will advise on the best profile suitable for the pitch and also take into consideration any visual or heritage considerations of the building structure for that advice. We can replace the old roof using either Colorbond, Zincalume, Galvanised or even Stainless Steel roof cladding products.

Countrywide Plumbing & Gas Fitting will remove the old asbestos roof safely and in compliance with OHS. An asbestos removal control plan is developed that includes a risk assessment and site evaluation.

Asbestos removal can include sealing of asbestos, disposing of asbestos safely and in compliance to OHS regulations, vacuuming using a HEPA vacuum system and spraying of asbestos sealer. Countrywide Plumbing & Gas Fitting takes care of everything including any applications and notifications required for the safe removal of the asbestos.

Countrywide Plumbing & Gas Fitting will supply and install the new roof to the highest standard which can include replacement of any rotten timber supporting battens on an older home to insure that the roof cladding has the correct batten support. Tie downs provided to bring roof batten supports to modern tie down standards. All flashings and capping scribed and finished to insure a professional, weather proof and vermin resistant roof cladding system.



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